Chicken Asian Rice Bowl with Spicy Korean Sauce @ Lucky Fortune Cookery

Price: $10.99

When: August 25, 2015, 12:30 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

The Lucky Fortune Cookery is a counter-service restaurant in California Adventure’s Pacific Wharf. Pacific Wharf is DCA’s food court: it offers a limited set of reasonably-priced, made-to-order meals across a handful of different cuisines, each served by a different restaurant. Lucky Fortune Cookery is the Asian entry; other restaurants sell bread bowls (Pacific Wharf Cafe), Mexican food (Cocina Cucamonga), and so on.

In that spirit, Lucky Fortune Cookery offers just one dish: an Asian Rice Bowl. You can customize it, Chipotle-style, with different protein (chicken, beef, tofu) and sauce (Mandarin Orange, Spicy Korean, Thai Coconut Curry, Teriyaki), for a total of 12 different configurations.

I went with chicken and the Spicy Korean Sauce. The presentation was simple: a base of rice, a middle strata of cooked vegetables, sauce + protein on top. The meal also comes with a fortune cookie* on the side.

Sadly, none of this was very good.

I recognize that Pacific Wharf is a food court located in a theme park, and I’m willing to grade on a curve. Even so, this wasn’t compelling. The chicken was a tad rubbery; the spicy sauce was spicy, but not very flavorful; the vegetables were over-cooked; and … the base of rice was massive. Easily 40% of the bowl by volume. Effectively, you get a few bites of chicken, a few bites of vegetables, and then use your chopsticks to excavate the rice foundation until you’re full.

I give points to Lucky Fortune Cookery for their condiments. Sriracha (yeah!) and soy sauce packets are available, so you can doctor your dish to your heart’s content.

Look, I love good Asian, and even have a soft spot for fast-food Asian, ala Panda Express. (General Tso and I are close personal friends, is what I’m saying.) Sadly, Lucky Fortune Cookery falls well under Panda Express in terms of quality and flavor.

I plan to give other protein/sauce combinations a shot in a future post … but for now, I don’t recommend the Asian Rice Bowl. Spend your money on something yummier.

* My cookie was stale, but the fortune was “Live For Today – Remember Yesterday – Plan For Tomorrow”. My lucky numbers were “01, 06, 12, 24, 30, 39” (if you’re in to that kind of thing).