Fire-Roasted Corn Cakes @ Ariel’s Grotto

Price: $39.99

When: August 25, 2015, 2:30 PM

Reservations: Highly recommended

Verdict? Recommended

My recent trip to Ariel’s Grotto was a twofer – I ordered both the tri-tip and the Fire-Roasted Corn Cakes.

(Hey, I figured: I’m here. They’re serving it. I’m going to try it eventually, anyhow, for this blog. And it’s nice to do the compare-and-contrast sometimes.)

The Fire-Roasted Corn Cakes are Ariel’s primary vegetarian option. The dish comes with three corn cakes, sautéed mushrooms, and a bean/garlic/cilantro/salsa combination. The corn cakes were delicious – moist, flavorful, well-put-together, not crumbly or dry at all. The mushrooms and salsa added a ton of flavor, and were an excellent complement to the cakes themselves.

Well, I may not be a vegetarian … but I would totally eat this.

I switched up the starter, and went with the clam chowder. It was also very good – creamy, but not too heavy; bacon on top; good chunks of potato and veg in the soup. This was head-and-shoulders better than the salad that came with the tri-tip.

Dessert is the same across all the entrees: creme brûlée, s’more tart, chocolate-dipped strawberry. The brulee is solid, the tart is heavy chocolate deliciousness, the strawberry is unnecessary.

This was a good meal, and a real surprise to me given how tepid I was on the tri-tip. If you’re heading to Ariel’s, this is the entree to get.

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