Chicken @ Plaza Inn

Price: $16.49

When: September 11, 2015, 5:00 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

The Plaza Inn’s fried chicken gets regular raves from Disney food enthusiasts. Like the Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou, or Lobster Nachos at the Cove Bar, you are very likely to find your friendly neighborhood Disney nerd espousing it to you as a can’t-miss, don’t-miss food item when you’re next in the park.

Believe the hype. It’s seriously good stuff. Midway through the meal, Elaine turned to me and asked, “Why have we not eaten here before? This is great!”

For your $16.50, you get three pieces of chicken, a biscuit, mashed potatoes (gravy optional; we went for it), and green beans. In no particular order:

  • The chicken is super-tasty. The breading is excellent (it’s there, but not overpowering); the moisture is perfect; the seasoning is done well. This tastes like something you might make at home, if you had a long Sunday to prep and cook everything.
  • The potatoes are very good. They’re smooth and whipped, with not too much air. (And the gravy is solid, too.)
  • The green beans were just OK. They were a bit limp, and tasted like they came right out of a can.
  • The biscuit was the weakest part, but was still passable. It was too dry (not crumbly; just dry), but the good news is that you can enhance it with honey and butter (both of which are readily available at the condiment stand).

The fried chicken is one of the standout dishes at Disneyland. It’s a great value for the money, and I strongly recommend it.