Banyan Beef Skewer @ Bengal Barbecue

Price: $4.49

When: October 14, 2015, 2 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Bengal Barbecue is a quick-service restaurant located in Adventureland, right across the walkway from Indiana Jones Adventure. They specialize in skewers, and offer a mix of different kinds, as well as standard sides (e.g,. chips and pretzels) and beverages.

They had five skewers on the menu today, and I went with #1 – the Banyan Beef Skewer. The menu described it as “hot and spicy”; the cashier smiled at me and said, “good choice.” This got me pretty excited.

Then I actually ate it.


The skewer was not what I was hoping for. The meat was a tad on the tough side – not overcooked, but close. The skewer was also drowning in sauce, which was a mixed bag. On the one hand, more sauce = additional flavor, which is good news with tough meat. On the other hand, more sauce only = additional flavor if the sauce has good flavor to start with, and this sauce … didn’t. It wasn’t terribly hot, spicy, or memorable.

In short, this is overcooked protein on a stick, slathered in non-memorable sauce.

It’s also nearly $5.

This brings me to my next comment: portions. With all due respect to Woody Allen (“The food is terrible—and such small portions!”) – the Bengal Barbecue skewers are teeny. One skewer is a (light) snack; two is maybe a small lunch; three and you could get full. The problem is, at $5-ish per skewer, that’s $15-ish for lunch … which is not a very good value. By contrast, the Lobster Roll is $14.99, will absolutely fill you up, and comes with chips.

I have more skewers to try at Bengal Barbecue, but my initial impression of the Banyan Beef Skewer was very … meh. It’s not that flavorful, not that filing, and not a very good value. I don’t recommend it.