Smoked Turkey @ Cove Bar

Price: $12.00

When: November 18, 2015, 4:10 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

The Smoked Turkey is a cocktail served at the Cove Bar in California Adventure. From the menu: it’s “Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon, Grenadine, and Odwalla Lemonade with a hint of hickory smoke, garnished with Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries.”

I’ve been known to enjoy bourbon. Let’s give it a shot.

Up top: this is a good cocktail.

Bourbon drinks can be a bit medicinal, but the Smoked Turkey avoids that. The grenadine gives the drink an initial hit of sweetness, and it’s followed by this delightful smoke flavor that really stays with you. It’s a surprisingly complex flavor package, and I found it delightful.

There’s a fair bit of booze in this, but the lemonade (which is only a splash – you can’t really taste it) and grenadine smooth off the sharpness of the liquor. As a result, it’s a very refreshing, drinkable beverage, perfect for enjoying as the late afternoon turns into evening in DCA. (And, if you’re inclined, you might consider ordering a second one. Because you’re writing a Disney food blog and need to be thorough. And “check quality.” Or something.)

For bonus points, the maraschino cherries (which are yummy) look vaguely like a Hidden Mickey. Intentional? I hope so.

On your next Cove visit, skip the beer, wine, or vodka tonic and try one of these. I’m a believer.