Truffled “Mac & Cheese” @ Napa Rose

Price: $12.00

When: November 28, 2015, 7:40 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

In addition to their spectacular steaks, Napa Rose offers a small selection of sides to complement your meal. These rotate often, and tonight we could pick between green beans, roasted cauliflower, or truffled “Mac & Cheese.” (The quotes aren’t mine – it’s the actual name of the dish.)

We totally went with the “Mac & Cheese.”

I’m guessing Napa Rose uses the quote marks because this dish employs orecchiette pasta (ear pasta) instead of true macaroni. While I appreciate the truth-in-advertising, I’m far more curious about what this thing tastes like.

Good news! It’s delicious.

I’m not a huge truffle guy (a little goes a loooong way), but I found the truffle flavor to be pleasant, mild, and a nice complement to the fantastic cheesiness (they’re using parmesan) and pasta texture of the dish. Additionally, the smattering of breadcrumbs on top gives a solid texture boost. This is well-conceived, well-executed, and delightful.

Recommended. Easily.

One caveat: this is not a large portion of pasta. If you look at the photo, you’ll see the size of the copper serving pot relative to the spoon in the background. The pot just isn’t that big, so the serving size isn’t either. There were four of us for dinner, and, while everyone got a helping, there was nothing left for seconds. This is all about additional flavor, not filling you up.

Translation: you may want to get a second one.