Venus Vegetarian @ Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

Price: $7.49

When: December 2, 2015, 4:15 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port is a counter-service restaurant in Tomorrowland that serves pizza, pasta, and salads. It’s located next to Space Mountain.

Redd’s has an, uh, shall we say … suboptimal … reputation among the Disneylanders I run with. People say the food is terrible. Regularly.

Now, truth be told, I’ve never eaten at Redd’s. Ever. Been coming to Disneyland for God knows how long, and never made the time. But, hey – that’s the point of this project, right? Explore strange new restaurants, seek out new meals and new tasty options, to boldly go where … oh, you get it.

Keeping with my “meatless” theme, I elected to try the “Venus Vegetarian” pizza. I was lucky enough to get a slice right out of the oven, so it was fresh and hot.

Redd’s serves “Mega Slices”, which are larger-than-usual pizza slices (they cut the pie in sixths, rather than eighths, I’m guessing). They come served inside a thin cardboard triangle, and, well, there you go. It’s what you’d get from any walk-up pizza joint in North America.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and I decided to sit outside, under the Space Mountain dome. This has two benefits. First, protection from the elements. And second, kickass people-watching from the flow of guests walking to the Space ride queue. Free entertainment!

But I digress.

The “Venus Vegetarian” is described as “Celestial tomato sauce with roasted seasonal vegetables and topped with mozzarella cheese.”

You know what? It’s not bad. Basically, this tastes like DiGiorno. It’s something you might buy and bake at home. The sauce is fine, and not too spicy. The veggies add a good bit of flavor (cucumber, onion, mushroom, artichoke, olives, carrots, peppers). The mozzarella was mild, not overbearing. The crust is crispy, and not too doughy. I half-expected the slice to be a fully-loaded grease bomb, but it turned out to be light and nicely filling.

Frankly, the more I ate, the more I liked it.

To be clear: this isn’t amazing pizza. Everyone has their favorite pie, and this was nowhere close to being mine. But I would certainly eat this again, and would do so happily. It’s a good choice.