Mickey-Shaped Beignets @ Mint Julep Bar

Price: $4.49

When: December 2, 2015, 5:25 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

As I mentioned in my review of the New Orleans Mint Julep, the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square primarily deals in Juleps, coffee, and beignets.

I’ve had the Julep. It’s beignet time.

Technically, these are called “Mickey-Shaped Beignets,” which, like the Mickey-Shaped Waffles that are sold around the park, is a standard beignet in the (vague) shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

The beignets are sold in packs of three or six. (The price listed above is for the three-pack.) You place your order, and receive a white paper bag containing the beignets and an absurd amount of powdered sugar. From there, you’re supposed to find a seat, close the bag very securely, and then vigorously shake the bag to distribute the powdered sugar evenly across the beignets.

Shaking accomplished. Let’s try these things.

I wasn’t wowed. While I appreciated that the beignets were slightly warm, they were surprisingly dry and very, very doughy. The beignet is hollow inside, and has very little structural integrity. So you bite, the whole thing collapses in your mouth, and all you taste is the powdered sugar.

Basically, this is fried bread that’s been drenched in sugar. While I know that’s what a beignet is supposed to be, the execution here isn’t very good. It’s a dish that knows the words, but not the music. I’ve had great beignets … and these ain’t great. Not recommended.

Oh, one final note: these are crazy messy. If you order them, make sure to get a lot of napkins.