Chili Cheese Dog @ Refreshment Corner

Price: $7.49

When: January 9, 2016, 12:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

Refreshment Corner is a counter-service restaurant located at the far north end of Main Street, USA. It offers a limited menu – hot dogs, pretzels and chili – and features indoor and outdoor seating. The place is compact, with just a few ordering windows and tables, and feels designed for guests that want a quick snack as they’re cruising through their day at Disneyland.

Elaine and I were in the mood for lunch, and we thought it would be fun to try Refreshment Corner’s dogs. Our first choice was a classic: the Chili Cheese Dog.

This dog is a close relative – if not an actual identical twin – to the Chili Cheese Dog from Award Wieners. Similar bun, similar cheese mixture, similar-looking chili, identical bag of Lay’s potato chips on the side.

The Refreshment Corner version is fine. It’s exactly what it purports to be: a basic theme park hot dog, served on a simple bun and smothered in chili and cheese. The chili is mild, the cheese isn’t overpowering, the bun is fairly fresh, and the whole thing will hit the spot if you’re in need of an afternoon calorie booster.

For that, though, the Award Wieners version seems slightly better. Their dog was plumper, and of higher quality; their chili also seemed a bit richer. I was happy after eating that dog, as opposed to just satisfied with this one. I assume that Disney sources their ingredients from the same supplier across both Disneyland and DCA, so perhaps the difference is just individual variation, or “one of those things.”

At any rate, this is a fine, simple, unpretentious dish. It’s not worth a special trip, but you won’t be disappointed.