Mac & Cheese Dog @ Refreshment Corner

Price: $8.19

When: January 9, 2016, 12:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Refreshment Corner’s list of hot dogs contains this curious offering: the Mac & Cheese Dog.

I’m intrigued.

I mean, I get the concept of a Chili Cheese Dog. But … Mac & Cheese? As I looked at the menu, I tried to envision what the thing would even look like. Are they using a special dog, with injected cheese and flavoring? Are they doing something different with the bun? The menu lacks pictures; the only clue I have is the phrase “topped with bacon bits.”

I dropped my $8.19, and I got my answer: it’s a regular hot dog. In a regular bun. With regular macaroni and cheese. (And yes, “topped with (regular) bacon bits.”)


This is less a restaurant dish, and more something that a college-aged bachelor might slap together from loose parts in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon. The dog and bun are both straight from the grocery store. The mac & cheese is pure Kraft Dinner. And the bacon bits, while not quite “Bac-Os“, are pretty clearly coming out of a tall jar kept on the back of a shelf somewhere.

There’s no cohesion or design here, no melding of flavors, no surprise. It’s pure ingredient assembly, and it’s not even close to good. Avoid.