Bacon & Sour Cream Stuffed Baked Potato @ Troubadour Tavern

Price: $6.99

When: January 9, 2016, 2:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

In addition to their bratwurst, the Troubadour Tavern also serves … drumroll … baked potatoes! They offer two choices: Bacon & Sour Cream, and Broccoli & Cheese.

We went with the Bacon & Sour Cream.

It was delightful.

Look, I don’t want to over-sell this. It’s just a baked potato. But it’s got great raw ingredients, they’re served in just the right proportion, and the whole thing is incredibly well-balanced. It’s made fresh, and served warm. And when it’s handed to you, well … you smile.

Elaine and I split one (they’re good-sized potatoes, and easily serve two). So we’re sitting there, both really grooving on the carbs and the flavor, and she turns to me and says, “It’s so good to see they didn’t wreck it.”

She’s right. It’s an easy dish to make, but even easier to goof up. There’s a version of this with weak flavor, or under-cooked potato, or skimpy ingredients. Instead, they went with a fully-loaded flavor bomb, and the more I ate, the happier I got. I would absolutely eat this again.

If you’re in the park on a cool Anaheim day, and craving warm comfort food, get this. You’ll be glad you did.