Smothered Potato Chips @ The Lounge At Steakhouse 55

Price: $10.00

When: January 9, 2016, 6:30 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

So we’re sitting in The Lounge at Steakhouse 55. We have reservations for Steakhouse 55, but they’re telling us it’ll be a bit of a wait before our table opens up. And we’re peckish. So we start reviewing our options on the (limited) Lounge food menu.

We spot something called “Smothered Potato Chips.” We’re intrigued. The Cast Member serving us assures us that a) they’re good, b) people love them, and c) most people swap the pastrami for bacon. Because, bacon.

We sign on, but stick with the pastrami. (Ya gotta try the original version first, right?)

They arrive. And they’re great.

The dish is super simple. Take a bunch of housemade potato chips, and toss ’em on a plate. Drench the chips in a creamy cheese sauce that tastes mysteriously like melted Velveeta. Drizzle sour cream on it. Toss in some bits of tomato, corn, and pastrami. And you’re there.

Everything about this works. The chips are solid. The cheese is perfect in this context. The veg and pastrami add texture and flavor. And the sour cream rides shotgun on the whole thing. Each bite has a lot of crunch, salt, cheese and texture that will make you happy. And as a bonus, by the time you’re close to done, you discover a lake of cheese sauce at the bottom of the plate. It’s crazy-decadent. (You do need to eat quickly, however, because the chips will get soggy as time goes on.)

Smothered Potato Chips are ideal for sharing. There were two of us, but you could split this four ways without difficulty. (You definitely don’t want to tackle this plate if you’re solo.)

Finally: I think this kicks the ass of the Cove’s Lobster Nachos. It’s a different flavor profile, and in some ways simpler, but the delight level of this dish is several notches above what the Cove is offering. For people (like me) that have the sadz over the state of the Lobster Nachos, this is a happy find.

This one is worth a trip. Next time you’re at the parks, take a stroll to the Disneyland Hotel and check them out.