Steakhouse 55 “Wedge” Salad @ Steakhouse 55

Price: $12.00

When: January 9, 2016, 8 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

Steakhouse 55 is an higher-end restaurant located in the Disneyland Hotel. The menu, as you might guess, is very focused on steak, classic steak sides, and the usual steakhouse options.

Wedge salad, for example.

Steakhouse 55 (oddly) uses quotes to describe this salad (officially: ‘Steakhouse 55 “Wedge” Salad’). I assume that’s because the lettuce does not come in a wedge shape, but rather in a more-natural half-dome.

No matter. This is outstanding.

Everything about this works. At first glance, it’s hard to screw up a wedge. In reality, it happens all the time. Possible pitfalls: bland blue cheese dressing (or, God forbid, Ranch dressing); too much lettuce; flavorless tomatoes; boring bacon.

Steakhouse 55 does it exactly right. The blue cheese is tangy. The bacon is fresh and thick-cut. It’s just the right amount of lettuce. The tomato is excellent. There are big ‘ol chunks of blue cheese in the mix. And they put a few pecans on it, too (which I’ve not seen before, but – hey! – turns out to be great). And finally, this isn’t too massive – enough for one person, but if you want to share it around the table, there’s enough for everybody.

It’s just … wonderful.

This dish made me happy. It made me excited for the rest of my dinner. I recommend it unreservedly.