Spicy Meatball Mediterranean Skewer @ Paradise Garden Grill

Price: $11.99

When: February 7, 2016, 1 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

On my last trip to Paradise Garden Grill, I sampled the Greek Salad (recap: loved it). Today, I wanted to try one of the Mediterranean Skewers. The skewers enjoy most of the real estate on the menu board, and they come in four varieties: Grilled Steak, Lemon Oregano Chicken, Grilled Tofu & Veggies, and Spicy Meatball.

I picked Spicy Meatball.

Every skewer comes with three sides (rice pilaf, cucumber salad, warm pita brad), as well as a choice of sauce (chili sauce, Chimichurri, or Tzatziki). I batted my eyelashes at the Cast Member and managed to get two different sauces with my order: chili sauce and Tzatziki.

In terms of presentation, this is super-straightforward. Rice on the bottom, cucumber salad to the side, pita bread on the rice, a single skewer with two meatballs on top of everything. The sides come in small plastic cups.

The cucumber salad? Nothing special. The ingredients are reasonable, but there’s just not much flavor happening here. It’s cucumber, green pepper, and Italian dressing. Meh.

The rise pilaf was delicious. It’s way better than it needs to be. The rice is cooked well, and incorporates flavors like cumin and celery to give it a Mediterranean feel. This is some of the better rice I’ve had anywhere on Disney property.

Finally, the meatballs are excellent. They’re good-sized, so you can really load up your pita. (Pro tip: grab a knife from Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta so you can slice up the meatballs.) You take your chunks of meatball, lay them on the pita bread, and slather on a sauce of choice. The Tzatziki was decent, but tasted more like sour cream; the chili sauce, on the other hand, is so mild as to be tomato paste. Each sauce is a reasonable complement, so I’m not complaining – but neither is a standout level of flavor, either.

This was a happy-making dish. It gave both me and Elaine that feeling of, “this is really good!” and I’d eat it again any time. I’m also happy to report that this isn’t that heavy – I didn’t feel like I’d had a gut bomb (or needed a nap) after eating it.