Hand Dipped Corn Dog @ Little Red Wagon

Price: $8.75

When: March 6, 2016, 3:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

The Little Red Wagon is a quick-service restaurant at the end of Main Street, USA, next to the Plaza Inn. It looks like a turn-of-the-century red truck, and sells just one thing: corn dogs.

Expect a line. Corn dogs are popular, and in the case of Little Red Wagon that usually means a very, very long and very, very slow queue. (Disney should consider FastPass for this one.) My rule of thumb is to assume a one-minute wait for each person ahead of you.

Once you endure the line, you order/pay at a podium, and then step forward to the Red Wagon itself to retrieve your food. The dog comes served in a green plastic basket, wrapped in paper. It includes chips or sliced apples (and if you want to save a buck or two, you can opt out of the side).

Green basket in hand, we went looking for seating.

First impression: the corn dog is super greasy. After seeing the extent of the situation, Elaine jumped up, grabbed a handful of napkins, and then wrapped the dog in paper to drain off the excess. Once we’d de-greased everything, we went for the first bite.

It’s super, super good. The batter is excellent. The skin of the corn dog is crispy. The dog is a Standard Disney Hot Dog, but the batter, texture, and deep-fried awesomeness are what make this corn dog a winner. It’s pretty bready (there’s a lot of batter) but you can doctor things up with ketchup and mustard for some variety. To be clear, though: the dog stands on its own. Condiments are purely optional.

This is a good, fun, flavorful snack. Recommended.