Forest of Endor @ Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

Price: $11.99

When: April 17, 2016, 12:15 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

While I ordered my Mars-inara with Meatballs at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port, Elaine wandered around and found something intriguing: Forest of Endor.

This is a temporary dish, tied to Disney’s “Season Of The Force” promotion. Most of the restaurants in Tomorrowland are featuring limited-time, Star Wars-themed food items, and this is one of them.

Forest of Endor is a vegetarian pasta plate, with mushrooms, broccolini, kale, sun-dried tomato and pine nuts. The promise of fresh veg sounded delightful, so we decided to give it a spin.

I really liked the presentation of the dish: big tubes of pasta, sautéed vegetables, with a nice whiff of garlic. Hopes are high. In goes the fork.

The pasta is cooked well. It clearly came out of a box, but it’s good. The veg is reasonably fresh, seasoned nicely, and and the overall mouth feel is solid. This is all commendable.

There’s just one … small … problem.

Chili flakes.

To be clear: the presence of chili flakes was disclosed on the menu. We knew there were chili flakes in this dish. The flakes are not news.

What is news is the raw quantity of the suckers. Wow.

The flakes own this dish. They’re on every surface, in every mouthful, and make themselves felt long after you’ve swallowed and moved on to the next thing. They make trouble. They slap around the subtler flavors like a bully taking lunch money.

It’s too much. It unbalances everything.

I’m sure the chili flakes were intended to add spice, but instead they subtract from the rest of the ingredients. You can’t taste much besides the flakes. Consequently: this isn’t very tasty. Not even close to recommended. Skip it.