Roasted Turkey Sandwich @ Carnation Cafe

Price: $13.00

When: April 17, 2016, 4 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

It’s only been a few weeks since my last visit to Carnation Cafe, and I was still riding high on the success of things like Deep Fried Pickles and Classic Malts. But it’s 4:00, our group is hungry, and we’re on Main Street. So: here we are.

Dinner is a few hours away, and I don’t want to ruin it. My strategy is to find something filling, but on the lighter side. I spot the Roasted Turkey Sandwich, and think: perfect.

(Like most sandwiches at Disneyland, it comes with fruit or fries. I went for the fries.)

The sandwich is beautiful: a soft ciabatta roll, sliced lengthwise, and piled high with roast turkey, pickled onions, lettuce, cheese, and tomato. I pick it up, and take a bite.


This is a fantastic sandwich: flavor all the way down. The turkey is perfect, the tomato and lettuce and cheese are wonderful. The pickled onions add a bit of brine, and the ciabatta just compresses ever-so-gently under your fingers, making it easy to eat. Finally, there’s a slather of honey-mustard on the bread that provides an additional, surprising pop.

This is a super-simple, unpretentious sandwich. And it’s excellent. I think it might be better than the Turkey Dip at Flo’s – which is also very, very good. Everyone at the table got a taste of this, and the verdict was unanimous: recommended. (As Will quipped: “I’d totally eat that, anytime.”)

One other note: the fries are good, too. Regular readers know that I’m generally underwhelmed with the fries Disney serves in the parks. These are different: seasoned, delicious, and slightly addictive. Some of the best I’ve had in the parks so far. Trust me: skip the fruit.