Carthay 8 oz. Angus Burger @ Carthay Circle Restaurant

Price: $24.00

When: May 7, 2016, 1 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

At this point in the project, the best burger we’ve had at Disneyland is the Classic Angus 1/3 lb Cheeseburger at White Water Snacks. It’s simple, unpretentious, and tasty. It’s also $10, which is good value for the money.

Turns out the Carthay Circle Restaurant has an entrant in the burger race. It’s on the higher end ($24), and I’m curious: what does the extra $14 get you in terms of flavor?

So I order.

In terms of presentation, this is 180 degrees from White Water Snacks. White Water’s burger comes in a plastic basket. Carthay’s arrives on a long rectangular plate, with the bare burger on one end, a cone of fries on the other, and the pile of condiments in the middle. Fix the burger to your liking.

The ingredients are all top-notch. The red and yellow tomatoes are fresh, and thick-cut; the pickles are homemade. The onion and lettuce are both good.

The burger patty was cooked medium, and comes with a melted slice of cheddar and some bacon on top.

I assemble everything into a monstrous, piled-high sandwich, and then figure out how to Tetris it into my mouth.

It’s delicious.

Really. Just wonderful. The meat is perfectly cooked, and juicy; the individual flavors of the veg come right through (the onion, perhaps, a little too much, but it’s fine), and the bun has exactly the right amount of consistency to keep everything together. The freshness and quality of each ingredient just sings on the tongue, and I had that moment where my body relaxed, I smiled, and went, “aaaah….”

(Oh, and the fries are great, too.)

I definitely recommend this dish. It’s a different style, league, and price from White Water Snacks, but it delivers the gourmet end of the burger spectrum. It’s excellent. I’d eat it again anytime.