Hot Fudge Sundae @ The Golden Horseshoe

Price: $6.49

When: June 4, 2016, 5:05 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

The Golden Horseshoe is an iconic quick-service restaurant in Frontierland. It has a limited food menu (a handful of deep-fried options, a soup, a salad) but a nice selection of ice-cream-based dessert options.

Elaine was in the mood for a hot fudge sundae. (Who am I to argue?)

This is a classic, straight-up theme park ice cream sundae. It’s two big scoops of vanilla ice cream, served in a medium-sized wax-paper cup. There’s a big ‘ol chocolate-chip cookie for structural support. And it’s augmented with hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a cherry.

In short: the perfect thing to eat on a hot day.

One thing to know about the Golden Horseshoe is that they do regular live entertainment. A silly (but fun) Western-themed comedy routine breaks out every half hour or so. The Horseshoe offers seating on the ground floor (where you’re at risk of being “volunteered” into the show) or the balconies (where you can watch the action unmolested).

We picked the balcony. And eagerly dug in to our sundae as the comedy show unfolded below.

This is a solid, solid dish. With something this simple, the only way you goof it up is to cheap out on the ingredients. And they didn’t. The ice cream is premium; the fudge is nice and strong; the chocolate chip cookie was soft. The whipped cream, cherry, and chocolate chips were all up to the job. It’s exactly what you hope it will be.

This is definitely a two-person dessert, and we enjoyed it from the first bite to the last. I suspect you would, too. Recommended.