Lasagna Rustica @ Wine Country Trattoria

Price: $18.00

When: July 2, 2016, 1:30 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

Wine Country Trattoria is a table-service restaurant in California Adventure’s Pacific Wharf area. It offers Italian cuisine – pastas, pizzas, soups, salads. As you might guess from the name, it also has an extensive wine selection.

The Trattoria doesn’t have a good reputation with most Disneylanders I know. It’s an OK restaurant – a little overpriced, a little bland – but never anyone’s first choice. Elaine and I have eaten here a number of times, and always come out mildly underwhelmed.

We thought it was time to give the place a fresh look. We booked a lunch reservation.

We arrive, are seated outside, and handed menus. After reviewing the choices, I went with something quintessentially Italian: the “Lasagna Rustica.”

This dish arrives in a white bowl/plate. Visually, the lasagna is a sea of red sauce with some pasta bits peeking out here and there. I do a bit of knife-and-fork kung fu, and take a bite.

It’s pretty damn tasty.

This has great tomato flavor. It’s not too cheesy. The meat adds some spice and texture. And it adds up to being a credible, solid entree. I would totally order this again.

One note: This is a very, very soft lasagna. When I make lasagna, it tends to be more structural – the pasta ribbons in the dish support the other ingredients, produce pushback. There’s a bit of chewiness. Not here. The pasta, tomato sauce, meat, and cheese quickly dissolve in the mouth, for a surprisingly nice experience. It feels a bit like a fancy chef’s impression of lasagna, but it tastes great.

I enjoyed the entire thing, start to finish. Recommended.