Hot Dog @ Hot Dog Hut

Price: $6.79

When: August 20, 2016, 1:10 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

The Hot Dog Hut is a quick-service restaurant at Paradise Pier in California Adventure. It’s located near the entrance to Mickey’s Fun Wheel. You’ll know it by the atrocious puns (“The best of the wurst”) that adorn the joint.

The Hut’s menu is as simple as it gets. They sell hot dogs, corn on the cob, chips and drinks. That’s it.

We go for the hot dog.

The dog arrives in a standard Disney blue-foil thermal bag. It’s piping hot. We open the bag, slide the dog out, and set it on top to let it cool.

This is a bare-bones dish. It’s just a basic hot dog inside a whole-wheat bun. Elaine steps over to the condiment station to get some ketchup, mustard, and relish.

I try a bite of the dog, without toppings. The bun is a bit mushy and plain, like moist Wonder Bread. (The bun may be whole wheat, but nobody told my taste buds.) The meat is a bit spicy, but largely flavorless.

This is a pure theme park/stadium/county fair hot dog.

With toppings, it’s a bit better. But it’s not nearly as good as the Chili Cheese Dog at Award Wieners (for just $1 more!). Award Weiners is a much better value: you get chili, cheese, and a quality dog.

It’s hard to see who would buy this dish, given that there are other, better dogs so close by in the same price band. I guess if you’re starving, stuck in Paradise Pier, and must have a hot dog … this will do. For everyone else? Not recommended.