Lobster Bisque @ Harbour Galley

Price: $11.99

When: October 9, 2016, 5:00 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Elaine and I are back in Disneyland, and staring down the barrel of a long line at the Haunted Mansion. The hot day is finally cooling down, and we are getting hungry. We decide to get a little something before we join the Mansion queue.

Luckily, the Harbour Galley is right nearby.

While (deservedly) famous for its Lobster Roll, the Galley also offers a selection of salads, sandwiches, and soups. Given the change in temperature, we elect to make it a soup day, and go with their Lobster Bisque.

Presentation-wise, this is the all-too-familiar Disneyland Soup In A Bread Bowl™. A large loaf of sourdough has been excavated and filled with the bisque; the bread cap is served on the side. The only way to tell this dish from, say, the clam chowders at the Royal Street Veranda or Pacific Wharf Cafe is by color. Clam chowder is white; lobster bisque is a soft orange.

Sadly, this is pretty bland soup. It’s mild and creamy, and lacks any distinguishing flavor. The lobster chunks are easy to find (which is nice), but they don’t add much. Chewiness, basically.

The bisque feels like filler. Thickener. Like I’m not eating the “real” soup, but rather something the chef might add to soup to give it volume. After a few bites, it got pretty monotonous. We tried adding pepper and Tabasco; neither made a difference.

This is very mediocre. It’s not tasty (or a good value). There are much, much better things to eat in the parks. Give this a pass.

Not recommended.

UPDATE: As of October 2017, this dish is no longer available.