Cheddar Cheese Stick @ Corn Dog Castle

Price: $8.49

When: November 12, 2016, 12:00 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Our friends Nick and Anne are long overdue for a park visit. And, apart from any attraction we might hit, Anne has one specific item on her to-do list: a corn dog. (Because: corn dogs.) She’s got the hunger. And thus, we find ourselves in California Adventure on a fine, sunny Saturday, standing in line in front of Corn Dog Castle.

Elaine and I are discussing our menu options. We’ve previously reviewed (and recommended) the Hot Link Corn Dog. So our choices are simple: get another Hot Link dog, go with the Original Corn Dog (Anne’s choice), or order a Cheddar Cheese Stick.

Cheddar cheese stick?

I mean … whaaa? What is this thing? It’s $8.50 – as expensive as a regular corn dog. But I can’t figure out what it is from the description. I’m visualizing a large block of Tillamook Cheddar, impaled on a popsicle stick. But that can’t be right. (Can it?)

Curiosity will be the death of me.

We order, pay, and are handed a standard paper basket. It contains the standard bag of Lay’s potato chips, and a stubby, corn-dog-looking object. We find a table, get situated, and bite in.

It’s pretty dreadful.

This is, effectively, a vegetarian corn dog. It’s got your corn dog batter (greasy and hot), but instead of a meat dog in the middle, there’s a core of melted cheese.

The cheese is the problem. It’s low-grade stuff. Reminiscent of Velveeta: mild, slightly oily, very processed. Whatever flavor it might have had is totally overwhelmed by the doughiness and grease of the outer shell. Eating this is really just eating fried dough, with small bits of melted orange stuff on it. Not great.

I love that Disney is offering a meatless option, but am sad that it’s so terrible. They should try switching to a meatless/soy hot dog. Or, if they’re committed to the cheddar cheese angle, just upgrade the quality of their cheese.

As it stands, this is nothing you want to eat.

Not recommended.