Original Corn Dog @ Corn Dog Castle

Price: $8.49

When: November 12, 2016, 12:00 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

If you’re in the parks and in the mood for a corn dog, there are two primary vendors. In Disneyland, there’s the Little Red Wagon, located at the end of Main Street, USA. And in California Adventure, there’s Corn Dog Castle, located in Paradise Pier.

As with most things Disney, hard-core park fans have opinions. Specifically: which vendor sells the superior dog? Each seller has boosters and detractors. And my Disney nerd friends advocate for the Wagon or the Castle in equal numbers.

Now, we’ve tried the Hand Dipped Corn Dog at Little Red Wagon. (We really liked it!) Today, we’re going for the Original Corn Dog at Corn Dog Castle.

This dish arrives. Visually, the Original Corn Dog is virtually identical to the Hand Dipped Corn Dog. Hot dog, wrapped in deep-fried batter? Check. Bag of Lay’s potato chips? Check. Small basket to keep everything together? Check.

So far, so good.

We grab a good handful of napkins, and find a table. We degrease the dog a bit (read: wrap it in napkins, soak up the excess oil), and take the first bite.

It’s OK. (But just OK.)

Look, this is a reasonable corn dog. But it’s very, very vanilla. A tad boring. The batter is unremarkable. The dog itself is adequate. And the combination of flavor/texture is fine. But nothing special.

If you’re visiting Corn Dog Castle, I’d take the Hot-Link Corn Dog over this any time. And while this is certainly better than the Cheddar Cheese Stick, that’s not saying much: I’d rather go hungry than eat that thing again.

How does this compare to Little Red Wagon? In our experience, this is an easy call. The Little Red Wagon dog is more flavorful, more delightful, and just all-around better. It breaks out of the meh. It’s really quite something.

The Original Corn Dog? Not recommended.