Sampling of Ice Cream Macaron Sandwiches @ Carthay Circle Lounge

Price: $9.00

When: November 12, 2016, 2:15 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

So you’re sitting in the Carthay Circle Lounge, and you’re craving something decadent. Appetizers won’t do; a cocktail won’t scratch the itch. You want a treat. Something delicious. Guilt on a plate.

Your eye scans to the bottom of the menu, and you notice the “Sampling of Ice Cream Macaron Sandwiches.”

Ice cream? And macarons? Yes, please.

The dish arrives on a thin, rectangular plate. Just as advertised: it’s a sampler. You get three macarons, each with an ice cream filling. Three sandwiches, three colors, three flavor profiles: salted caramel, pistachio, and raspberry. You select your first macaron, take a bite, and …


This isn’t flavorful. Or decadent. Or really that much fun. There may be three colors on the plate – ostensibly, three flavors! – but each sandwich quickly blends into the other. They don’t have much distinctiveness. They’re just sweet. Sugary. The salted caramel is the best of the lot, but it’s a low bar. (The raspberry and pistachio are completely unmemorable.)

As ice cream sandwiches go, these are pretty lackluster. There’s not enough contrast between the sweetness of the ice cream and the sweetness of the macarons. With, say, a vanilla ice cream / chocolate-chip cookie combo, you get all kinds of flavor and texture. Here, you get slightly-underpowered macaron and slightly-boring ice cream. The novelty of the presentation isn’t enough.

If you’re keen on a dessert in the Carthay Lounge, go with the “California Rocky Road”. But if you’re keen on an ice cream sandwich, go elsewhere. This isn’t worth it.

Not recommended.

UPDATE: As of December 2017, this dish is no longer available.