Apple Strudel @ Village Haus Restaurant

Price: $5.39

When: December 17, 2016, 2:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

We’re at the Village Haus Restaurant. We’ve ordered (and are enjoying) the BLT Flatbread. And for some reason, we’re both craving dessert.

Village Haus offers an Apple Strudel. Excellent. One, please.

The dish arrives on a black plastic tray. It’s a slice of pastry, doused in powdered sugar and accompanied by a small plastic container of dipping sauce.

In terms of plate appeal, this leaves a lot to be desired. But, hey! Who cares? The real question is how the thing tastes.

Sadly, it’s not that good.

The pastry is what you’d expect: baked apples, cinnamon, sugar. But the execution is terrible. The apples are soft and mushy. The cinnamon and sugar are super mild. The powdered sugar was undetectable on the tongue. The pastry was doughy and sad. There wasn’t one single clear, strong flavor. And, frankly, I didn’t even finish it.

A great dessert is yummy and decadent. This isn’t that. Don’t waste your money.

Not recommended.

UPDATE: As of July 2017, Village Haus Restaurant has been rebranded as “Red Rose Taverne.” This item is no longer available.