Baked Potato Soup @ Carnation Cafe

Price: $7.00

When: December 17, 2016, 7:15 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

We’re having dinner at Carnation Cafe. It’s been a chilly day in Anaheim, and now that the sun has gone down, it’s getting downright cold. We’d like a little something to warm us up, take the edge off.

We go for the Baked Potato Soup.

First impression: this is an individual portion. Like Walt’s Chili, it comes in a small bowl on a small plate with a small spoon to the side. You can (and we did) split it between two people, but it’s very much a starter. You won’t get full on this.

Second impression: this is good, good, good stuff. It’s perfectly named: it’s a baked potato in soup form. It’s got large chunks of potato, served in a light, creamy sauce. There’s cheese, bacon bits, chives – even a drizzle of sour cream. Each ingredient is high-quality, well-chosen, and doing its job. Everything is in balance. And each spoonful is a delight on the tongue. Just wonderful. Elaine turned to me and said, “it’s all the best parts of a baked potato.” And she’s right.

This isn’t just recommended, it’s a standout. Try it the next time you’re at Carnation.