Pepperoni Pizza @ Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

Price: $7.99

When: January 28, 2017, 3 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

So we’re strolling around California Adventure on a warm, lazy Saturday. The parks are packed. Lines are long. And we’re ready for a little something to help us recharge. We round the bend by the Silly Symphony Swings, and spot Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta. It’s air-conditioned. It has tables. And we can get some quick carbohydrates.


We enter the restaurant. It’s oddly empty. Feels like someone pulled a fire alarm. Cast members are working their stations, mixing salads or preparing pasta. For my part, I go for a slice of good, old-fashioned pepperoni pizza.

This isn’t a glamorous slice of pie. It’s sitting under a heat lamp, nestled in a triangle of thin cardboard. Designed for grab-and-go. So we grab, go, pay, find a place to sit, and dig in.


In the spectrum of pizza, this is perhaps a C. Probably more like a C-. It’s not offensively bad. It’s not a grease bomb. It’s not all crust. But that’s faint praise. The crust is boring. The tomato sauce is weak. The cheese is thick and slow-moving. The pepperoni is more texture than flavor. And while it’s not soggy, it’s still surprisingly greasy. And heavy on the salt.

This is, effectively, a make-at-home pizza that’s much greasier and saltier than it should be. Kids might like it. If you’re starving, you should eat it. If you’re not starving … find something else.

Not recommended.