Flavored Popcorn @ Cozy Cone Motel

Price: $4.99

When: January 28, 2017, 4 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

So I’ve polished off my Chicken Verde at the Cozy Cone Motel. And … I’m still hungry. Not massively hungry, but hungry enough to begin walking around, scanning menus at each Cone. I’m looking for … something.

And then: Flavored Popcorn at Cozy Cone #5.

The Cone sports a long list of popcorn flavors: butter, Sriracha, Buffalo Ranch, Pizza, White Cheddar, Garlic Parmesan … and Dill Pickle.

As an aside: a few years ago, we wrangled a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. One of the surprises (aside from the blow-me-away awesomeness of Tokyo DisneySea park) was the Japanese flavored-popcorn craze. There are small popcorn stands set up around the Tokyo parks, each with 20-40 minute lines. Every stand sells a unique, flavored popcorn across a strange spectrum of flavors: honey, soy sauce, curry, you name it. The guests love it.

And now, I’m standing in front of a Cozy Cone, experiencing a serious flashback, and trying to figure out which flavor to go with.

Dill Pickle it is.

I order. The Cast Members go to work. They scoop fresh popcorn from an oversize popper, plop it in a plastic bucket, apply the flavoring, seal the bucket, and then proceed to vigorously mix the popcorn and flavor. Once done, they pour everything into a lightweight cardboard container, and hand it over.

The flavor here is excellent. It’s good, salty, briney. Warning: mildly addictive. Once started, it’s challenging to stop. The popcorn is fresh; the Dill Pickle is evenly distributed throughout the container. This is simple, but it’s done super-well. And … it’s popcorn. The perfect, walking-around, theme park snack. Delightful. It’s $5, and worth every penny. (Heck, we almost ordered a second one.)