Chocolate Twist @ Maurice’s Treats

Price: $3.99

When: January 28, 2017, 5 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Maurice’s Treats is a quick-service restaurant in Fantasyland. It’s part of the “Fantasy Faire” area, sitting just off the Hub between the castle and the entrance to Frontierland. Maurice’s is basically an overglorified, branded outdoor vending cart (read: nothing special), but they do have a handful of pastries and a couple of specialty beverages.

For pastries, Maurice’s offers “twists” in three flavors: cheddar, strawberry, and chocolate. Chocolate seems the safest bet. We order, are handed an oversized pastry in wax paper, and start looking for a place to enjoy it.

Up top: this is pretty big. It’s like an overgrown, chocolate Churro that’s been covered in powdered sugar. It’s fairly stiff, with flanged ends.

So we try it.

It’s terrible.

Really. Dreadful. Stale. Crumbly. The chocolate flavor is super fake. There’s no pasty flavor to speak of. The powdered sugar is a non-factor. It’s unbelievably dry. It reminds me of a week-old croissant, or something – well past its prime, and so dry it makes your mouth pucker. (In fact, I strongly suspect that bottled-water sales are well above average at every restaurant near Maurice’s.)

This feels less like a legitimate pastry, and more like a prank someone in the Disneyland bakery decided to play on unsuspecting guests.

Not recommended. At all.