Fried Green Tomato Sandwich @ Cafe Orleans

Price: $19.00

When: January 28, 2017, 6:15 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

So far, dinner at Cafe Orleans is going swimmingly. Our starter, the New Orleans Gumbo, was spectacular, and now we’re waiting for our mains.

I’m trying the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich.

The description hooked me: “Fried green tomatoes and zucchini, pickled slaw, and cajun remoulade on a potato roll.” That sounded … awesome. A nice, light vegetarian option. Some spice in the slaw. A soft roll. What could be better?

The dish arrives. Plate appeal is high. The sandwich is tall, and pre-cut into halves. The ingredients are generously applied. And there are a large number of “seasoned house-made chips” on the side.

I pick up a sandwich half, and take a bite.


This is spectacular. It’s served slightly warm. The potato bread is soft, and compresses down nicely. The fried tomato is perfect, giving off both crunch and flavor. The slaw is all tangy, briny, vinegary bits – onion, peppers, and cucumbers. Everything combines in the mouth as this kind of flavor avalanche. Each bite throws off something new, a little surprising. It’s a treat.

The chips, on the other hand, are just OK. A little stale. Serviceable, but forgettable.

This dish was a big, delightful surprise. Much better than expected. It’s not quite a standout, but it’s close. You won’t go wrong with this.