Coconut Elixir @ Cove Bar

Price: $5.00

When: March 12, 2017, 11:15 AM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

It’s quarter past 11 on a Sunday morning, and we’re seated at the Cove Bar. I’m grooving on a lime margarita. Elaine, on the other hand, finds it a shade early to start drinking. She scans the menu, locates the “Non-Alcoholic Mocktails” section, and settles on a Coconut Elixir (“Zico coconut water with pineapple and cranberry juices”).

Good Sign #1: Our Cast Member assures her it’s delicious.

Good Sign #2: It arrives with a bit of panache, some flair. It feels like a fun cocktail, rather than some sad, alcohol-free refugee.

Good Sign #3: After her first sip, Elaine beamed at me. I asked her what she thought of it. “It’s like a flat Shirley Temple,” she said.

I try it for myself. Lo and behold: she’s right.

This is simple and refreshing. The coconut water isn’t too heavy on the coconut flavor. The pineapple is mild, and not too sweet; the cranberry juice gives a bit of tang. I sense mild carbonation.

The overall effect is … mildly luxurious.

If you’re at the Cove and not keen on alcohol, this is an excellent choice. (Heck, it’s excellent even if you are keen on alcohol.)