Bacon Street Dog @ Award Wieners

Price: $8.99

When: March 12, 2017, 1:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

Award Wieners rebooted their menu!

We were walking past the restaurant, down Hollywood Boulevard, and I noticed the menu board options looking a tad … unfamiliar. We stepped in, got a closer look, and realized that the old had given way to the new.

I love it when things like this happen.

Gone are the standards, the classics (Chili Cheese Dog, Barbecue Hot Link). Replacing them is a family of four dogs that seem a little more modern, a little more updated, a little more sophisticated. (In fact, the only thing that’s carried over from the old menu is the Portobello-Mushroom Philly.)

We order the Bacon Street Dog. Hopes are high.

We immediately note changes when the dish appears.

First: Rather than being served in the standard-green Disney Parks plastic basket, this dog comes on a kinda-cool, retro, Disneyland-branded paper oval. Nice.

Second: Fries! Award Wieners has always served a side of Lay’s potato chips with their dogs. No longer. These are honest-to-goodness French fries (they call them “filmstrip fries”). Brilliant.

Third: The dog itself. The tube is longer and skinnier; the bun is lighter, toasted, and buttered; there are sauces drizzled everywhere; ingredients piled high and falling off. It’s appetizing.

Initially, it was hard to figure out the mouth geometry. The dog is long, poking out the ends of the bun, and the various toppings (bacon bits, grilled peppers, grilled onion) kept falling on the plate as we handled it. Eventually we nibbled our way in, and got a few good bites.


Honestly, one of the best hot dogs at the park. It’s slightly spicy. The bun is perfect and high quality. The textures work. The flavors work. This is totally, totally better than it needs to be. I loved every bite of it. (Elaine felt that the meat was the weakest part of the dish, but it didn’t trouble me at all.)

The fries? Also terrific. Disney fries are generally meh, but these are excellent. They’re kissing cousins to waffle fries, broad and thick. They’re mildly addictive. Don’t swap them for fruit when you order.

Recommended. (And: yay, menu reboots!)