Funnel Cake @ Hungry Bear Restaurant

Price: $7.49

When: April 9, 2017, 2:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

We’re craving something sweet.

Richard and I just finished riding the Haunted Mansion. We’re in the mood for something sugary, a little decadent. Beignets are out. Ice cream is too cold. Chocolate seems wrong. It’s gotta be something deep-fried, a little theme-park-ish.

We settle on funnel cake.

The Hungry Bear Restaurant sells it, so we head into Critter Country, weave past all the people in line for Splash Mountain, walk the ramp into the restaurant, and find our way to a cashier. We order. The cashier asks how we want it: “powdered sugar, churro style, or with the seasonal topping?”

I glance at Richard. He gives me the “What, are you kidding?” look.

“Powdered sugar,” I say.

We pay, and step forward to collect the dessert at the counter. Our funnel cake was made fresh, and arrives hot on the plate. We get knives and forks, find a table, and tuck in.

It’s doughy, warm, fried deliciousness. Just wonderful. Light, not too greasy. The powdered sugar is applied in just the right proportion to the rest of the dish.

I’m not a funnel cake connoisseur, but this one stands out. My last, vivid funnel cake memory was at Walt Disney World, buying from the kiosk in front of the American pavilion at Epcot. That funnel cake was excellent.

This funnel cake is better.

Richard agrees: “Best funnel cake I’ve ever had.”

Split it with friend.