Pepperoni Pizza @ Daisy’s Diner

Price: $7.99

When: April 9, 2017, 4:20 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Daisy’s Diner is a quick-service restaurant in Mickey’s Toontown. Daisy’s is one of three dining establishments in Toontown. All the restaurants are grouped together in a corner of the land, forming a small food court. In keeping with the child-friendly theme of Toontown, most of the food options are safe, kid-friendly, standard park fare: hot dogs, pizzas, ice cream bars.

Daisy’s is the pizza joint.

There are two options on the menu: pepperoni or cheese. I pick pepperoni. The friendly Cast Member swipes my credit card, hands me a receipt, swivels, pulls a small, flat cardboard box out of a heated case, and smiles.

OK, then.

Richard has secured a table in the middle of the food court. I stroll over, put down the box, and open it to reveal my prize.

The dish is a small, round, “personal”-sized pizza. It’s cut into four slices. Each slice has a piece of pepperoni and some cheese. I detach one of the slices, and take a bite.

It’s not terrible.

Honestly: not terrible. In fairness to Daisy’s, this pizza is probably exactly what it needs to be for their market. If you’re in Toontown with a hungry four-year-old, this pizza is likely perfect. It will fit the bill.

For the rest of us? Well, uh, not terrible. It’s super-bready. There’s a strong tomato sauce flavor. The pepperoni and cheese are basically decoration – I have no flavor memory of either of them. This is filling. Somewhat greasy. (But not nearly as greasy as, say, Pizza Hut.)

Again, I’m sure kids will love it. But for anyone over four, it’s 100% not worth ordering. There are too many other great options in the park.

Not recommended.