Premium Hot Dog @ Pluto’s Dog House

Price: $6.99

When: April 9, 2017, 4:30 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Pluto’s Dog House is the second of three restaurants in Toontown. Like its sister restaurant, Daisy’s Diner, it offers one type of cuisine, and focuses on the toddler market. Daisy’s does pizza. Pluto’s, as you might imagine from the name, does hot dogs.

The menu couldn’t be simpler. There’s one offering: the Premium Hot Dog. It comes with sliced apples or chips.

I order, and am promptly handed two items: a hot dog in a silver thermal bag, and a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Terrific.

Back at my table, I set down the Lay’s and extract the hot dog from the bag. This is an even-more-basic version of the Bratwurst Sausage at Troubadour Tavern. It’s a slightly-warm, white-bread bun and a modestly-sized hot dog.

I take a bite.

Without relish, ketchup, or mustard this is wholly unremarkable. There’s no real intrinsic flavor. The bun is slightly toasted. The dog has a bit of snap. But any flavor in the dish is ephemeral. It doesn’t get past the swallow.

If you load it up with condiments, it becomes passable. It never moves into “good” territory. At some level, this dog is just a delivery vehicle for ketchup, mustard, and nuclear-green packet relish. (The bun even gets a little stale in the middle, almost taunting you with its low quality.)

I’ll echo what I said about the Pepperoni Pizza at Daisy’s: this is for kids. And kids will likely have no problem with this hot dog. But the rest of us? Do better. It’s available.

Not recommended.