Beer-Braised Pork Tacos @ Paradise Garden Grill

Price: $10.99

When: April 15, 2017, 1:15 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

California Adventure’s Food & Wine festival is underway. Elaine and I are at Paradise Garden Grill, checking out their festival-inspired menu. I’ve already settled on the Beer-Battered Cod. Elaine opts for the Beer-Braised Pork Tacos.

We order, and are handed the dish. It’s three small tacos parked in the middle of a large, black plastic plate. The dish includes a side of black beans, topped with cheese, served in a plastic cup.

To be honest, the “curb appeal” on this isn’t that high. The tacos look fine, but the vast expanse of black plastic surrounding them makes them seem small, under-loved, abandoned. Not exactly a great mood-setter.

Each of us grabs a taco, and gets to work.

Verdict: good stuff. The tacos may be small, but they pack a lot of punch. Each consists of two layers of soft tortilla, a generous portion of pork, the requisite smattering of veg (the menu calls it “apple slaw”), and a vinaigrette dressing. They have a chewy, tangy, hearty mouth feel. They do the job.

Beans? Super-mild. Cheese? Even more mild. Filler, not flavor.

These tacos are nice. We’d eat them again. They’re not a wow, but the are high-quality, surprisingly flavorful, and absolutely worth ordering.


UPDATE: As of June 2017, this dish is no longer available.