House Salad @ Plaza Inn

Price: $4.59

When: April 15, 2017, 6:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

We’re at the Plaza Inn for dinner.

It’s been a fun, action-packed day. It’s still fairly early, but Bryce, Sharon, Elaine and I are sticking around for the Main Street Electrical Parade. We need some hearty, carb-friendly meals to carry us into the evening.

I’m walking around the restaurant, checking out my Plaza Inn favorites – the Chicken, the Cobb Salad – when I spot a small sign advertising a “House Salad” for $4.59.

I’ve just had the House Salad at Carnation Cafe. It’s dreadful. (And: $7.) The fact that the Plaza Inn has its own house salad? At 2/3 the price of Carnation’s? That’s … intriguing.

Put another way: how good could it be?

I decide to find out.

First: this is a DIY dish. Most of the food at the Plaza Inn is made fresh by a Cast Member and handed to you. The House Salad is pre-made, sitting in a cold case. You just take one.

Second: choice of dressing. Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Italian. I grab a container of Bleu.

Third: this is a pretty simple salad. It’s a laundry pile of lettuce on a small, round, white plate. There are two croutons. A smattering of shredded carrot. A tomato. Two cucumber rounds, classing up the joint. And that’s it.

I add some dressing, and go to work.

This is thoroughly average.

Actually, I take that back. The veg is thoroughly average. The bleu cheese dressing is excellent. It’s sharp and tangy, with good-sized chunks of cheese. The salad itself is just what you’d expect, given its pedigree: chilled, uninspired lettuce, tomato, croutons and carrots.

There was a brief (brief) moment when I considered recommending this. It’s definitely better than the House Salad at Carnation, both in quality and price. That said, it doesn’t clear the bar. It’s just not strong enough. It’s a “fine” small salad, but not worth ordering.

Not recommended.