Penne Pasta @ Plaza Inn

Price: $14.49

When: April 15, 2017, 6:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

So I’m at the Plaza Inn, and I’ve added a House Salad to my tray. Now I’m on the hunt for an entree. A good dinner. Something that will power me through the rest of the evening.

I go with the Penne Pasta.

Pasta feels like the perfect dish right now. The weather is changing, cooling down a bit. This feels like comfort food. I’m hoping for something warm and filling.

I order at the counter. The friendly Cast Member asks me what sauce I’d like. Choices: marinara, bolognese, or ‘chicken pesto Alfredo sauce.’ I go with bolognese, and am handed my plate.

The dish is as simple as it gets: small tubes of pasta, topped with red sauce and a decent quantity of parmesan. A breadstick to the side. Excellent.

I get to the table, pick up my fork, and dig in.


The pasta is clearly out of a box, and has that undercooked/starchy flavor. The tomato sauce is reasonable, and has a decent quantity of meat, but it, too, feels like it came out of a jar or a can somewhere in the back. The parmesan is dry, refrigerator-cold, and basically flavorless. The breadstick is slightly stale.

In short: you could do better, at home, with off-the-shelf products from the grocery store.

I’m generally a fan of Plaza Inn, but they should rethink this dish. If this was the first thing I’d ever ordered from them, I’m not sure I’d be back.

Not recommended.