Bacardi Mojito @ Cove Bar

Price: $11.25

When: May 20, 2017, 4:30 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

The gaggle of us have moved from a morning in Disneyland to an afternoon in California Adventure. It’s been epic. E-Tickets have been ridden, snacks have been eaten, friends have been rendezvoused with. We’re ready for a break. So Jordyn, Tika and I are in line at the Cove Bar, holding out for a large table in the shade.

An hour later, our wish is granted.

We’re seated. Menus are delivered. The friendly cast member takes our orders.

I go with the Bacardi Mojito.

To me, mojitos are a perfect summer drink: light, refreshing, minty. Good ones feel like a beach vacation in a glass. I’m hoping for something tall and cold, with a kick.

It arrives. A straw has been thoughtfully supplied. And I get to work.

It’s surprisingly sour.

No, wait – that’s not right. It’s not sour as much as … muddled. There’s no real balance between anything. You can locate the individual ingredients (rum, lime juice, soda, mint), but they’re just jammed together, like a handful of linebackers squeezing into a phone booth.

Hope springs eternal: I try another sip. And then another, looking for a pocket of beach-vacation flavor in the drink. Sadly, the search came up empty. Turns out this isn’t a good cocktail.

Not recommended.