Carthay Circle Spring Garden Salad @ Carthay Circle Restaurant

Price: $13.00

When: June 3, 2017, 7 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Not recommended

It’s been a long day.

We got to California Adventure before the park opened. We’ve spent the last 11 hours riding, eating, drinking, and park hopping. We’re pretty wiped. So we’re looking forward to a good, low-key dinner at the Carthay Circle Restaurant before we head back out for another couple of hours. (We’re staying for “World of Color.“)

I start my meal with the Carthay Circle Spring Garden Salad.

The sald arrives, and I get a little excited. It looks great. It’s a plate of field greens, nicely dressed, topped with white anchovies, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds. (To be honest, it had me at “white anchovies.”)

Fork in hand, I get to work.

This is a rather pedestrian salad.

Look, it’s not terrible. (It’s not the Carnation’s House Salad, for example.) It’s just boring. The ingredients are fine, but lack oomph. There’s no muscle. The field greens are flavorless. The anchovies seem strangely muted. The vinaigrette dressing is super mild. To be honest, the best thing on the salad is the sunflower seeds. They give some nice crunch and pop here and there. A little something extra.

Like some other Carthay dishes of late (see: Fried Biscuits), this is well-conceived, looks great … and is missing something. There’s a version of this salad that’s really delightful. Too bad this isn’t it.

Not recommended.