Spanish White Bean Broth @ Carthay Circle Restaurant

Price: $11.00

When: June 3, 2017, 7 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

So I’m sitting at the Carthay Circle Restaurant, chewing, listlessly, on my Spring Garden Salad. I’ve got the sadz.

Rafa, for his part, went a different direction: soup. Specifically, the “Spanish White Bean Broth.” (Rafa’s Spanish, so I’m guessing this was some kind of support-the-home-team thing.)

He made the right choice.

This is delicious. The broth is medium consistency, and slightly smoky. There are chunks of beef. Veg. Small beans. The flavor and texture combination is excellent. This is a brilliant starter: lots of pop on the tongue, but not too filling.

It’s also mildly habit-forming: I was on my fifth or sixth spoonful when Rafa demanded I give him his soup back. (I offered to trade him my salad, but he wasn’t having it.)