Slow-Roasted Turkey Sandwich @ Clarabelle’s

Price: $9.29

When: July 16, 2017, 1:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Clarabelle’s in Disneyland (not to be confused with “Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream” in California Adventure) is a quick-service restaurant in Mickey’s Toontown. It’s located near Daisy’s Diner and Pluto’s Dog House, and forms part of Toontown’s “food court” area.

Like its fellow Toontown restaurants, Clarabelle’s has small frontage and a limited menu. Daisy’s does pizza; Pluto’s does hot dogs. Clarabelle’s does sandwiches: specifically, a “Slow-Roasted Turkey Sandwich.”

Today, I’m trying it.

I step to the counter, place my order, pay, and am handed a clear plastic container from the cold case. (The friendly Cast Member also hands me a bag of Lay’s potato chips.) I head to the condiment station for some mustard, and then amble along until I find a table in the shade.

The sandwich looks promising. This is a ton of sliced turkey, piled on a soft roll, accompanied by slices of tomato, some cheese, and a big, green lettuce leaf. It’s fairly attractive.

I pick up the sandwich, and take a bite.


This is not good. Flavorless. Dry. The turkey adds volume, but nothing else. The bread is soft, but again – no flavor. The veg and cheese aren’t helping at all. It’s just a big mouthful of bread and “sandwich stuff” that requires a lot of chewing … but doesn’t leave any memory on the tongue.

I experiment, adding a bit of mustard. Doesn’t help. The mouthful of bread now has a mustard-y undercurrent. Not what I wanted.

This is a very boring, very underwhelming sandwich. It’s hard to know who this is “for” – if you served it to a kid (a reasonable assumption, because: Toontown), they’d likely just pick at it and be unhappy. If you served it to an adult, they’re going to feel the sadz. Skip it, and save your money.

Not recommended.