BBQ Pulled Pork Pizzetta @ Storytellers Cafe

Price: $14.00

When: July 16, 2017, 3:10 PM

Reservations: Recommended

Verdict? Recommended

Storytellers Cafe is a table-service restaurant in the Grand Californian Hotel. It’s located next door to Napa Rose, and serves food all day long: a character breakfast, plus lunch and dinner. It’s usually busy; reservations are recommended.

Elaine, Chris and I have secured a late-afternoon lunch reservation, and are seated at a booth in the middle of the restaurant. It’s our first time here for the blog, and we’re excitedly exploring the menu. It’s all undiscovered country.

We’re hungry, so we know we’re going to do a few different dishes. But we want to start with something easy. Something carb-heavy. Something that will take off the edge. We spot the the BBQ Pulled Pork Pizzetta.

Pizza? With barbecue sauce? And pork?

Yes, please.

The dish arrives as a medium-sized pie, round, roughly 12″ in diameter. It’s been pre-cut into six pieces. Thin crust. Reasonable amounts of sauce. Some pork chunks here and there. Feta has been scattered around. And smack in the middle, a small pile of arugula and onion.

We each grab a slice, and go to work.

It’s good stuff.

Seriously: delicious. Barbecue pizzas are popular in the parks right now (see: pork flatbread at Tangaroa Terrace). This is one of the best. Good-quality, well-balanced ingredients. Thin and tasty crust. The pork and feta provide salt and tang. And the barbecue sauce ties it all together.

“Everyone loves barbecue sauce,” quipped Elaine. “How could this be bad?”

She’s right.