Chopped Salad @ Galactic Grill

Price: $9.99

When: September 30, 2017, 3:55 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Tomorrowland’s food scene has always been a bit, shall we say, “theme-park-y” (read: burgers, chicken nuggets, pizza), but I’m still looking for gems.

So today, we are at Galactic Grill. And I’m trying the Chopped Salad.

Salads at the Disneyland Resort are frequently disappointing: straight from a cold case; served in plastic; soggy ingredients (Exhibits A & B: Smokejumpers Grill, Clarabelle’s). That said, I’m hopeful that Galactic Grill can exceed my (low) expectations, deliver something tasty, and earn a “recommended.”

OK, first impression: this is big. A 7″ container, filled with greens and topped by six zones: feta cheese, chicken, tomato, red pepper, and onion. It feels like a really, really large amount of food.

Next: the dressing comes on the side. And, rather than being one of the factory-packaged standards (ranch, blue cheese, thousand island), this is a creamy, roasted red pepper dressing. Excellent.

We drizzle on some dressing, and get to work.

It’s not bad.

Seriously: not bad. The ingredients are OK (not great), the lettuce is reasonably good (not wilted), and the roasted red pepper dressing is actually pretty dang tasty. Initially, this was a welcome surprise – hello, flavor! – but then it started going downhill. Ingredients vanish on the tongue: they can’t compete with the dressing. The salad becomes, in a very real sense, a dressing delivery vehicle … and the dressing just isn’t good enough to make it work for an entire meal.

The Chopped Salad is better than expected, but not strong enough to recommend. I wouldn’t order it again.

Not recommended.