American Breakfast Burrito @ Galactic Grill

Price: $8.49

When: October 26, 2017, 8:55 AM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

Galactic Grill serves breakfast!

Getting breakfast in the parks can be tricky business. Most restaurants don’t open until 11. Of the few restaurants that do serve breakfast, many are nicer, table-service establishments (such as Carnation Cafe). I suspect the tourist demographic generally eats at the hotels (where the kids can get character dining), while the locals grab Starbucks in Downtown Disney on their way to Big Thunder or Radiator Springs Racers.

But here I am: in the parks, within line of sight of Space Mountain, considering which of Galactic Grill’s four breakfast options I should go with.

I pick the American Breakfast Burrito.

As soon as I order, the friendly Cast Member turns, grabs a fat, foil-wrapped cylinder from behind the counter, and drops it on a blue tray. She adds a couple packets of La Victoria salsa, smiles, and hands the whole thing across to me.

I find a table, unwrap the foil, and get to work.

First impression: this is a very unassuming dish. The burrito just sits there, floating in a sea of foil. It offers no clue about what’s inside. A mystery.

I take the first bite. It’s … OK. There’s eggs. Cheddar cheese. Some tomato. A little bacon and meat-ish bits here and there. I chew, swallow, and go in for a second round. And then a third. I’m looking for that “aha!” moment, where the flavor kicks in.

The moment never arrives.

This is a burrito with a super, super mild flavor profile. (The La Victoria salsa is included for a reason.) It’s inoffensive. Meek. Bland. It’s calories … but not much else. While breakfast choices in the park might be limited, Starbucks is the better option, here.

Not recommended.