Clam Chowder @ Harbour Galley

Price: $10.99

When: October 26, 2017, 11 AM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

I’ve just finished a run through the Haunted Mansion, and am craving lunch. It’s 11 AM: park restaurants are starting to open. It’s nice to have options.

As I emerge from the darkness of the Mansion into the Anaheim sunshine, I see the Harbour Galley across the walkway. There’s no real queue yet, and plenty of free tables are scattered about.


The line is just me and a fellow Guest. I scan the menu. The Lobster Bisque has been mercifully removed (and replaced with a Cheddar Broccoli), but the Harbour Galley’s Clam Chowder is still there, front and center.

I’ve had bad luck with clam chowder in the parks. Starchy, thick, bland oceans of chunky white liquid, poured into stale bread bowls. Blech. No thank you.

On the other hand … hope springs eternal. They got rid of the Bisque and kept the Chowder. Maybe that means something.

I decide to give it a shot.

I pay, sit down at a table, and contemplate the dish. It looks exactly like the offering from Royal Street Veranda. My heart sinks a bit.

I pull out the spoon, and get to work.

Whoa! It’s good!

The soup is solid. Creamy. Not too starchy, not too heavy. Not a lot of filler. There are chunks of potato milling about; they’re a tad undercooked, but otherwise fine. There are clams in every bite, adding a great, spongy texture (plus nice flavor). Terrific.

I had very, very happy belly after eating this. At $11, it’s not cheap, but the flavor is there and the portion will fill you up. It exceeded my expectations, for sure.