Rice Bowl @ White Water Snacks

Price: $12.99

When: November 4, 2017, 12:35 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

It’s a random Saturday in the parks, and we’re at White Water Snacks for lunch. I’m 100% focused on the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Elaine, however, takes her time, looks over the menu board, and goes a totally different direction: the Rice Bowl.

This is a new item (or, more accurately: it’s new since our last visit). Given how much of White Water Snacks’ menu is burgers-n-fries, an Asian-inflected item is, shall we say, a little novel. Which is why she picked it.

She orders. The Friendly Cast Member asks if she’d like chicken or beef. Elaine asks which is better, and is assured that beef is ‘the way to go’.

We get seated. The Rice Bowl is delivered a few minutes later.

It’s not very enticing.

OK, OK, yeah: don’t judge a book by its cover, all that. I agree. We’ve eaten plenty of delicious things for this project that lacked curb appeal. But in this case, it’s pretty stark: two halves of a hard-boiled egg, a small pile of beef chunks drizzled with sauce, some (hopefully) pickled cucumber slices. A sprig of cilantro. And it’s all sitting atop a lot of white rice.

We break out the chopsticks.

None of this is good. The egg is bland. The cucumbers are, indeed, pickled … but they’re also pretty soft, and kinda soggy. The beef is unremarkable. The sauce is “sriracha aioli drizzle” and … it’s, well … yeah.

And then there’s the rice. There’s a ton of it. Like, several tons. (Metric tons at that.) As with the Asian Rice Bowl at Lucky Fortune Cookery, it’s rice all the way down.

If you subtract the rice from the dish, this is barely an appetizer. With the rice … it’s rice. With barely an appetizer on top of it.

This feels like a bad impression of an Asian dish. It’s certainly not worth ordering. Give it a pass.

Not recommended.