Jambalaya @ French Market Restaurant

Price: $14.99

When: November 4, 2017, 7:45 PM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Recommended

So I’m grooving on the New Orleans Salad at the French Market Restaurant.

Elaine wanted the Jambalaya.

He rationale was simple: we’re in New Orleans Square. This is a classic creole dish. It’s the thing you should order, right? (I mean, what are you going to get … a burger?)

We wend our way through the restaurant queue, arrive at the Jambalaya station, and she says, “one, please.”

She’s handed a large, circular red dish, loaded with a bed of rice and topped with a heaping helping of wet, wonderful stew. It’s got sausage. Peppers. Chicken. Onion. And this delightful-smelling, light red sauce.

We get to the table, and break out the forks. Elaine digs in, pops a bite in her mouth, and chews thoughtfully for a moment.

She breaks out in a big smile, and hands the fork to me.

It’s terrific.

Spicy. But not too spicy. The chicken is perfect. The sausage has some snap. The peppers and onions have been sauteed, but not overdone. And the sauce + rice creates this happy, textured dish that does delightful backflips on the tongue.

I like it (a lot); Elaine loves it. She doesn’t always rave, but when she likes something … she really likes it.