Croissant Sandwich @ Surfside Lounge

Price: $9.00

When: November 15, 2017, 10:55 AM

Reservations: n/a

Verdict? Not recommended

I’m at Surfside Lounge for breakfast.

This is a planned trip. Surfside is located in the Paradise Pier Hotel, and Paradise Pier is the most remote hotel at the resort. (And to be honest, it was much more out-of-the-way than I remembered from our last visit.)

Surfside has four different breakfast options, all of which seem to be optimized for families seeking a shot of calories before they head to the parks. Logistically, you order at the counter, pay, and then find your table. They bring you the goods.

I go with the Breakfast Croissant.

The dish arrives in a sealed, circular, plastic container, black on the bottom, clear on the top. While I’m sure this presentation is handy for a mom or dad to take back to their room (a common scenario, I’m guessing), it just screams “offsite food prep!” to me.

I crack open the plastic. Steam escapes from the container. I’m staring at a standard croissant, split horizontally, with ham, cheese and egg spilling aggressively out the back. It looks like an omelette sandwiched between two halves of a soggy Starbucks croissant.

It’s unclear if this is the sort of thing you eat with your hands, or with a knife and fork. Given how much egg there is, everywhere, I elect to keep my dignity and use silverware.

This is … meh.

The eggs are very plain. The ham is tasteless. The cheese isn’t much better. As an omelette, there’s nothing to commend it.

The croissant, on the other hand, is actively sabotaging any good the other ingredients are doing. It’s a grocery-store croissant, large in size, low in flavor, and it’s become wet with from the steam when the dish was heated. As a result … it’s just soggy breadiness.

I can’t imagine anyone enjoying this.

Not recommended.